Timber Shutter

Timber shutters are an elegant window/door covering which is rapidly gaining in popularity. They can be hinged, sliding or folding and the tilting blades allow for light control.

The shutters are made from three different material types: Basswood, Western Red Cedar (W.R.C.) and Artwood. All timbers used come from trees planted and grown specifically for the purpose of manufacturing shutters.

The ‘slats’ that make-up the main body of the shutter panel. Available in 4 sizes for Basswood (47mm, 63mm, 89mm, and 114mm), 3 sizes for W.R.C. (63mm, 89mm and 114mm) and 2 sizes for Artwood (63mm and 89mm). The slats are an aerofoil shape, which causes the angle of reflected light to be less obvious, and has superior closure, reduces splintering and allows breeze to flow without whistling.

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