Panel Glide

Panel Glides are a versatile and unique tracking system that allows a series of flat fabric panels to traverse along a horizontal track. Panels are wand controlled to allow variations of stacking and traverse.

Panel Glide tracks come powdercoated white, & are available in a 3,4 or 5 track which gives the ability to have 3, 4 of 5 Panels gliding in one direction to stacking at one end of the track or 4, 6 or 8 panels splitting in the middle & gliding in opposite directions to stacking at either end of the track.

The fabric panels are available in a wide range of fabrics & are attached to the moving panel bar in the track with Velcro to make it easy to remove the panels. Each panel is weighted down with a weight sewn into a pocket at the bottom of each panel to give them some stability.

We provide our customer with the option of three finishes on our Panel Glides.

First there is the Panel Classic, this is a timber batten finish with horizontally fixed timber battens evenly spaced down both sides the fabric panels. This is done to give you a nice view from both inside & outside.

Then there is the Panel Ezy, this is an aluminium batten system with the battens attached horizontally across the back of each panel, creating a creased look on the panels for the inside.

Then finally there is the Panel Free, this is a plain finish where there is only one batten attached to each panel at the very top to prevent cupping, but otherwise is a free hanging panel of fabric with no battens, leaving you with a seamless finish.

Below is an example of all three finishes. From left to right it is Panel Free, Panel Classic & Panel Ezy.









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