Fabric Awning

Fabric awnings are a fashionable addition to your home, providing protection from light, heat and prying eyes. This versatile awning comes in many styles, and a huge range of fabrics, from sunscreens to greenback canvas and acrylics. Some awning types can even be made from clear or tinted plastic.

Zipscreen Awning: Is an alfresco style awning system, ideal for enclosing entertaining areas & outdoor patios. The Zipscreen works on patented zLock technology securing the cloth within the safety of the vertical tracks using zips.

Zipscreen Awnings come standard as a spring roller system, with an aluminium bottom rail finish, handle & lock down pins to lock to awning in a down position. With the capability to be crank handle operated or motorized this Awning will make a great addition to your home or office.

Channel: Channel awnings have an aluminium ‘U’ channel with notched stoppers and are designed to be fitted between posts. Channel awnings have a spring loaded roller at the top and are hand operated by twisting the bottom rail. Channel awnings come with a rail finish, however, a scallop can be added if requested as shown in our photo.

Ziptrak Awnings: Despite its name the Ziptrak Awnings contains no zips, it is a guided system that allows the fabric to glide up & down tracks on either side leaving no gaps. Unlike the Channel Awning the Ziptrak doesn’t require notches in the track to hold it in place. You can simply stop it at any height.

Ziptrak comes standard with as a spring roller system, with an aluminium bottom rail & a pair of hold down locks, so you can pull the awning all the way down & lock it in place to completely block out the outside world. The awning also comes with the option of a centre release handle, to make life easy when you want to open up the space again & can be motorized for a modern finish.

Rope and Pulley Verandah Blind: The traditional canvas blind used to best advantage for verandahs. This awning rolls from the bottom enabling it to be used where the top may be sloping. It can be tied down with straps or clips, or zipped down the sides for added protection. This awning can be manufactured in a wide range of awning fabrics or made in clear or tinted plastic.

Automatic Arm: This adjustable awning rolls along metal guides to vary the height. It has a spring loaded roller at the top and has a choice of stand out arm widths from 150mm to 900mm. Best suited for window coverage or patio shade, however it is not suited for highset applications.

Italia: The Italia awning is a heavy duty spring loaded arm awning similar to a cord and reel application but is operated by a crank handle mechanism. This awning is highly suitable for motorisation and may also have sun and wind sensors, or even remote controls.

Wire Guide Awning: Is a simple crank operated alfresco style awning with an aluminium bottom rail that has extended end caps with holes for the stainless steel cable to pass through. The cable is secured top & bottom to guide the awing cloth up & down. This system prevents the cloth from flapping in the wind.

Folding Arm: A Folding Arm awning is an adjustable rollaway alternative for outdoor areas when permanent protection is not required. This awning requires very solid fixing to either fascia or rafters and may come with pitch controls, sun and wind sensors, be motorised or remote controlled. This awning comes in a maximum of 11.5 meters by 3.6 meter projection.

Fixed Guide: These awnings are on a spring loaded roller at the top and specifically designed for highset applications, being able to be operated from inside if required. They are controlled using a center pulley with a tie off cleat.

Crank Handle: These awnings come with round steel bottom rails inserted into a pocket and are held down with straps attached to the end caps. It is operated by a crank attached to the top roller. Tension to the blind is applied first by clipping down the bottom rail and reversing the crank tension. Because there are no guides or arms this awning has limited applications and normally only one hold down position.

Cord and Reel: This awning has a pivoting arm normally with a projection equal to half the height. Controlled by a heavy cord and reel mechanism, it is tied off at required resting points to a tie off cleat. If required this awning can be winch operated with either internal or external operation.

Fixed No Frame: An economical solution providing permanent protection to windows or sliding doors. Permanently fixed with sail track to flat surface at the top and braced back to the wall.